Smart Grinder

Smart Grinder

Inne materiały kościozastępcze stają się zbędne
Smart Grinder przekształca usunięte zęby, w wartościowy materiał augmentacyjny-materiał niezastąpiony Cenowo!

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Healing Dynamics Following Alveolar Ridge Preservation with Autologous Tooth Structure
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Innovative Socket Grafting Techniques in Preparation for Dental Implants
A novel procedure to process extracted teeth for immediate grafting of autogenous dentin
Chemical and Topographic Analysis of Eight commercially Available Dental Implants
A New Method for Alveolar Bone Repair Using Extracted Teeth for the Graft Material
Bone Engineering Using Human Demineralized Dentin Matrix and Recombinant Human BMP 2
Bone graft material using teeth
Clinical application of auto-tooth bone graft material
Dental implants: a different perspective
How to Transform Extracted Teeth into an Autologous Bone Graft in a Single Dental Appointment
Dentin xenografts to experimental bone defects in rabbit tibia are ankylosed and undergo osseous replacement
Development of a novel bone grafting material using autogenous teeth
Evaluation of Osteoconductive and Osteogenic Potential of a Dentin Based Bone Substitute Using a Calvarial Defect Model
Healing Mechanism and Clinical Application of Autogenous Tooth Bone Graft Material
Human Dentin as Novel Biomaterial for Bone Regeneration
Tissue Engineering of Bone: Critical Evaluation of Scaffold Selection
A Novel Procedure to Process Extracted Teeth for Immediate Grafting of Autogenous Dentin
Processed Allogenic Dentine as A Scaffold for Bone Healing: An in vivo study
Water-Mediated Collagen and Mineral Nanoparticle Interactions Guide Functional Deformation of Human Tooth Dentin

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